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Joanna K pitasia8 at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 12 16:50:46 UTC 2017

Hello I am new to scribus and I have watched some tutorials, and searched a lot for answers on line, but I am still having trouble figuring this program out. I am not new to dtp, just using this program for it.

So I have my calendar. I will have to manually set up the document either with the months and and times separated on to 11x8.5 so that I can try it out on a program I have at work that arranges the pages in a way that puts things in the right order when an 11x17 gets folded and stapled in the center horizontally. Or I can pull apart a calendar and rearrange the months and flip every second page upside-down on 11x17 pages. Than double sided and stapled at any shop (hopefully). That I can manage, unless there are settings to do what I am not aware of. (What does month separation do/work?)

What I can not do is edit the weekday text (sunday etc.) in any layer. I just want to adjust is because it is touching the frame. The others make sense, select with arrow tool, click on the edit text button, return space space done. But not with the weekdays.

I had a similar problem of not being able to select on a brochure too, there were boxes that bled off the page and I could not select or delete them, even by changing the select options. So I am thinking there might be something I am missing.

Lastly I have not been able to tell what is grouped or not, and there is no equivalent of an object manger? A list of all objects and items in the document?

I am using 1.4.6 on windows 10.

Your help wold be very much appreciated, and would like to use this program to become a private contractor, there are many things I like about it better, but need a little help to get over the initial humps. I will try and check out the manual now too.


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