[scribus] justification not working on last line

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Wed May 17 13:15:08 UTC 2017

On 05/16/2017 02:43 PM, ZASKE Martin wrote:
> On 16.05.2017 14:31, Gregory Pittman wrote:
>> On 05/16/2017 08:47 AM, ZASKE Martin wrote:
>>> Dear list,
>>> me again, sorry. Getting our first full-length book ready for the
>>> printers. Learning the ropes? Rather fighting with a heap of sneakily
>>> self-entangling ropes...
>>> Our book has got 200+ pages. One text-frame on each page, linked with
>>> each other.
>>> Our main text is justified and aligned to baseline. Justification mostly
>>> works fine. But in all text-frames the last line does not justify on the
>>> right side, only on the left side (our text is left-to-right). In a few
>>> percent of text-frames the justification of the last line looks correct,
>>> but that is likely due to the fact that by chance the last word just
>>> fits the line.
>>> I know that the last line should not justify if it happens to coincide
>>> with the end of a paragraph. But in our book, most last-lines are in the
>>> middle of their respective paragraphs and still they refuse to justify.
>>> Seems the last lines go into some Zombie-mode. Other lines I can select
>>> (or place the cursor inside a line) and click the icons to play with the
>>> justification: left, centred, right ... they are responding.
>> Hi Martin,
>> There are 2 different full justification modes. One does not justify the
>> last line, the other does. Tool tips say "Align Text Justified", the
>> other "Align Text Forced Justified". The second one can lead to some
>> pretty ugly layout.
>> I have to say that I am puzzled to figure out how a last line can be in
>> the middle of a paragraph. It seems that if it were, it wouldn't be a
>> last line.
>> Greg
> Thank you Greg for this input. I know about the two justifications. It
> does not concern the problem with my document. I tried anyway: The
> forced justification would justify all the lines in my test-frame (even
> the ones which are the last of a paragraph; so indeed very ugly) BUT our
> broken last-lines of the text-frame are still not getting justified,
> even with the forced justification option.
> I had written that this will be our first full-length book. But I am
> using Scribus for several years now. We have done many booklets up to 16
> pages. We have done nine magazines of 20 pages with two- and
> three-column-layouts. So I have worked with chained text-frames before
> (even if I am a looser at un-chaining as we found out last week). So I
> can tell normal justification from broken justification.
> Still I got self-doubts, so I grabbed several novels on paper and
> looked: Yep, each page gets fully justified including the very last line
> - unless it happens upon the end of a paragraph. That is what we want.
> I did another test: In my troubled book-document I opened story editor
> and ripped out all our text (with a bleeding heart). Then I inserted 99
> paragraphs of Lorem Ipsum, keeping the styles unchanged:
> Guess what, the justification is not just broken for our book-text, it
> is now also broken with sample text. So probably not triggered by our
> alphabet.
> Rather by my style-settings or by my svn-version
> (scribus-1.5.3.svn-snapshot-170430-x64.exe). What would happen, if I
> wanted to go back a few days, to maybe the snapshot from April 10? Could
> I still open my document?
> I am using the text-frames from the menu: insert frame > text frames >
> linked (as I had just learnt from Craig).
> Nobody else is seeing this "feature"?

I can't reproduce this in English, French, or German, with either manual
linking of frames or automatic from Insert > Frame.


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