[scribus] justification not working on last line

Ermin de Winkel winkelde at xs4all.nl
Tue May 16 19:01:23 UTC 2017

Op 16-5-2017 om 20:43 schreef ZASKE Martin:
> On 16.05.2017 14:31, Gregory Pittman wrote:
>> On 05/16/2017 08:47 AM, ZASKE Martin wrote:
>>> Dear list,
>>> me again, sorry. Getting our first full-length book ready for the
>>> printers. Learning the ropes? Rather fighting with a heap of sneakily
>>> self-entangling ropes...
>>> Our book has got 200+ pages. One text-frame on each page, linked with
>>> each other.
>>> Our main text is justified and aligned to baseline. Justification mostly
>>> works fine. But in all text-frames the last line does not justify on the
>>> right side, only on the left side (our text is left-to-right). In a few
>>> percent of text-frames the justification of the last line looks correct,
>>> but that is likely due to the fact that by chance the last word just
>>> fits the line.
>>> I know that the last line should not justify if it happens to coincide
>>> with the end of a paragraph. But in our book, most last-lines are in the
>>> middle of their respective paragraphs and still they refuse to justify.
>>> Seems the last lines go into some Zombie-mode. Other lines I can select
>>> (or place the cursor inside a line) and click the icons to play with the
>>> justification: left, centred, right ... they are responding.
>> Hi Martin,
>> There are 2 different full justification modes. One does not justify the
>> last line, the other does. Tool tips say "Align Text Justified", the
>> other "Align Text Forced Justified". The second one can lead to some
>> pretty ugly layout.
>> I have to say that I am puzzled to figure out how a last line can be in
>> the middle of a paragraph. It seems that if it were, it wouldn't be a
>> last line.
>> Greg
> Thank you Greg for this input. I know about the two justifications. It
> does not concern the problem with my document. I tried anyway: The
> forced justification would justify all the lines in my test-frame (even
> the ones which are the last of a paragraph; so indeed very ugly) BUT our
> broken last-lines of the text-frame are still not getting justified,
> even with the forced justification option.
> I had written that this will be our first full-length book. But I am
> using Scribus for several years now. We have done many booklets up to 16
> pages. We have done nine magazines of 20 pages with two- and
> three-column-layouts. So I have worked with chained text-frames before
> (even if I am a looser at un-chaining as we found out last week). So I
> can tell normal justification from broken justification.
> Still I got self-doubts, so I grabbed several novels on paper and
> looked: Yep, each page gets fully justified including the very last line
> - unless it happens upon the end of a paragraph. That is what we want.
> I did another test: In my troubled book-document I opened story editor
> and ripped out all our text (with a bleeding heart). Then I inserted 99
> paragraphs of Lorem Ipsum, keeping the styles unchanged:
> Guess what, the justification is not just broken for our book-text, it
> is now also broken with sample text. So probably not triggered by our
> alphabet.
> Rather by my style-settings or by my svn-version
> (scribus-1.5.3.svn-snapshot-170430-x64.exe). What would happen, if I
> wanted to go back a few days, to maybe the snapshot from April 10? Could
> I still open my document?
> I am using the text-frames from the menu: insert frame > text frames >
> linked (as I had just learnt from Craig).
> Nobody else is seeing this "feature"?
> Martin
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Once or twice a year I publish a simple book, with some illustrations 
using Scribus 1.4.6 or earlier on W10 and before that on W7 64 bit. 
Books are typical 300 to 400 pages divided in around 18 chapters. Book 
no 7 is now ready for publication. I had up-to now never any issues with 
justifications, although I use the same principle: each chapter one 
text, with linked frames, three frames per page (header, text and footer).


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