[scribus] Need help please for PDF export re transparency - solved

ZASKE Martin zm at revue-gugu.org
Mon May 15 22:34:37 UTC 2017

Dear list,

for those who like closure:

Jean and Craig have helped us quickly and efficiently. Turns out that in
my Scribus document PDF export settings an unwanted colour profile (from
one of our office scanners) had pushed itself, instead of the default.

If it did not click itself, then maybe my trackball did it: It works as
a mouse and a mouse-wheel at once. I just discovered that in Scribus
most selectors or settings respond to my mouse-wheel upon simple
mouse-over, i.e. without first having clicked. Good to know; normally I
never mind saving a click.

The error message I had received from Adobe Reader had suggested to me
that one of the items in my document was using forbidden transparency
options so I had never considered to double check the colour profile.

So the document is and was fine; Scribus 1.5.3svn is very stable (on my
machine, no crashes at all) and all I had was a sneaky bad colour profile.

As a bonus I learnt about a PDF object browser "podofobrowser", which I
will hopefully never need (in the past all our PDF exports have been fine).

All is well, thank you,


> It does not crash but the Adobe Reader cannot open, so I fear for the
> print shop. This happens even when I only keep the first five pages.
> I am sending my files to Craig and jghali off-list.
> Martin

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