[scribus] Need help please for PDF export re transparency

Craig Bradney cbradney at scribus.info
Mon May 15 16:26:34 UTC 2017

> On 15 May 2017, at 17:28, ZASKE Martin <zm at revue-gugu.org> wrote:
> Dear Craig,
> thank you for helping with this. I wrote that our document will have
> 200+ pages. You wrote to remove some 196 pages in the middle.
> The team is still proof-reading the last chapters while I prepare the
> layout. So far, our document in Scribus has got 304 pages. Once I have
> the final text, I can insert the illustrations for the chapters after
> chapter 1. So far chapter 1 with illustrations and all the draft-text is
> running as far as page 87. So pages 88 to 304 are still empty but needed
> for the coming illustrations which will make the text flow further back.
> Once I know how many pages we will really need, I will delete the rest
> and will end up with some 200+. Is that a bad approach? Is there a limit
> of pages?
> Scribus got somewhat slower when I filled 87 pages with text and
> illustrations but seems stable in itself. Our chapters are huge, the
> book only got an intro plus three long chapters and I had hoped to keep
> the entire book in one file, because the text will still be fine-tuned
> until a few days before printing (first time for us to do such an
> extensive translation from Swedish).
> For your test, I left the master pages and the first two pages and the
> last two pages. All other pages
> <PAGE PAGEXPOS="519.528188976378" ... NUM="2" ...
>                                      NUM="303" ... Di="0"/>
> I deleted.
> But you realize that there are already text-frames and illustration
> frames on each page? And many of those already have content in them.
> When I deleted all those pages "from the middle", Scribus will no longer
> open the document, it just crashes (closes) without any error message.
> Do I need to manually delete all content from the "middle pages" and how
> would I do that for some 300 pages? If you are telling me this is what I
> need to do, I will find a way.
> When I run Scribus from the Windows command line, like this
> C:\Program Files\Scribus 1.5.3.svn>Scribus.exe
> then I get no useful information either, sorry. It also crashes but no
> messages in the cmd window.
> What is the next step please?
> Martin

Hi Martin

This is just to reduce the file size a little for testing by us.

Don't edit the file in a text editor. Just open the copy SLA in Scribus and delete the pages using the Page Delete menu item. If there’s 200 pages, then delete using that item from page 3-197. Save the file. If it crashes when exporting to PDF, send us the PDF and the SLA file. If it doesn’t crash, try and delete a few less pages, e.g. 100. Try exporting again.


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