[scribus] Need help please for PDF export re transparency

ZASKE Martin zm at revue-gugu.org
Mon May 15 15:28:52 UTC 2017

Dear Craig,

thank you for helping with this. I wrote that our document will have
200+ pages. You wrote to remove some 196 pages in the middle.

The team is still proof-reading the last chapters while I prepare the
layout. So far, our document in Scribus has got 304 pages. Once I have
the final text, I can insert the illustrations for the chapters after
chapter 1. So far chapter 1 with illustrations and all the draft-text is
running as far as page 87. So pages 88 to 304 are still empty but needed
for the coming illustrations which will make the text flow further back.

Once I know how many pages we will really need, I will delete the rest
and will end up with some 200+. Is that a bad approach? Is there a limit
of pages?

Scribus got somewhat slower when I filled 87 pages with text and
illustrations but seems stable in itself. Our chapters are huge, the
book only got an intro plus three long chapters and I had hoped to keep
the entire book in one file, because the text will still be fine-tuned
until a few days before printing (first time for us to do such an
extensive translation from Swedish).

For your test, I left the master pages and the first two pages and the
last two pages. All other pages

<PAGE PAGEXPOS="519.528188976378" ... NUM="2" ...
                                      NUM="303" ... Di="0"/>
I deleted.

But you realize that there are already text-frames and illustration
frames on each page? And many of those already have content in them.

When I deleted all those pages "from the middle", Scribus will no longer
open the document, it just crashes (closes) without any error message.

Do I need to manually delete all content from the "middle pages" and how
would I do that for some 300 pages? If you are telling me this is what I
need to do, I will find a way.

When I run Scribus from the Windows command line, like this
C:\Program Files\Scribus 1.5.3.svn>Scribus.exe
then I get no useful information either, sorry. It also crashes but no
messages in the cmd window.

What is the next step please?


On 15.05.2017 14:30, Craig Bradney wrote:
>> Could this be a side-effect of using 1.5.3?
>> Any help is welcome, time flies..., thanks,
> Hi Martin
> Please make a copy of your sla file and the in the copy remove about 196 pages from the middle. Reexport the PDF and see if you have the same error. If you do please send the PDF and sla file to myself and jghali at scribus.info and we will test. Don't send the files to the list.
> Thanks
> Craig
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