[scribus] unlinking text frames not always responding

ZASKE Martin zm at revue-gugu.org
Mon May 8 09:23:18 UTC 2017

On 05.05.2017 23:49, Craig Bradney wrote:
> I think for me, the biggest issue her his the use of automatic text
> frames. I know there will be code that does not deal with automatic
> text frames that well. My suggestion would be to just create your
> pages, then use Insert->Frame and select the right options.
> thanks Craig

Hello Craig,

thank you for picking up on my observation.

Now I am worried: Are you saying that "automatic text frames" (as
created via New Document dialogue-window) are
different from text frames which I manually create via

> menu > insert > Text Frame
or via
> Text Frame icon plus mouse-drag


Maybe I am making wrong assumptions? Why would certain code "not deal
well" with automatic text-frames, unless they are different from
"normal" text-frames?

Anyway, if I wanted to use your suggestion, it would mean creating a
blank document with 300 empty pages. And then selecting each page and
then inserting a text frame by some clicks and then a mouse drag (with
snap to guides) within the guides.

And then linking some 294 pages manually by selecting each text,
clicking the link-icon and then clicking the text-frame on the next page.

This feels like a job which I would not even want to dump on an intern.
It is bound to lead to clicking errors and then to miss-sized
text-frames and to errors in the link-chain. (That would be my human
errors, not Scribus errors of course.)

I will investigate this some more (by looking into the .sla files with
samples of automatic versus manual text frames). And if other users can
confirm this un-linking issue then I will rather file a bug-report and
help with un-bugging then creating hundreds of text frames manually.

(Craig, from what I am reading here, I believe you are a very nice
person. So maybe this bug-report is what you really wanted, eh?) If we
are having such very helpful features in Scribus like creating
multi-page blank documents with ready prepared and linked text-frames
then we should all help to make or keep those as bugs-free as possible.

I live in a part of the world where totally bugs-free is impossible
(speaking of real bugs in our house and offices), but I know that
debugging can go a long way towards reasonably bug-free.



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