[scribus] unlinking text frames not always responding

ZASKE Martin zm at revue-gugu.org
Fri May 5 12:03:47 UTC 2017

Hi there,

I am making a real book of some 200+ pages with plenty line drawings
with the bleeding edge Scribus.

My normal work flow would be this:

- create a "new" empty document and select A5 portrait, folded
- define all margins and all bleeds

- ask for 300 pages (just to be safe, delete later what is not needed)
- ask for automatic text-frames

(later tweak the colour profiles, PDF settings, baseline-grid, default
text style etc)

It is all working nicely so far, with my Scribus 1.5.3svn from April,
except this detail:

I get my 300 pages and my 300 linked text frames automatically created.
So far so good. (My computer has no problems with RAM or power, is
responding instantly.)

Now for the frontal matter, copyright information etc. I want to un-link
the first four pages. They will have a different master-page and
different styles.

I select a text frame and click the un-link icon or I hit "U". On some
text frames it works (and the arrow goes away). And on some text-frames
(mainly right-hand-side pages) the un-linking does not work, the arrow
stays and when I check with the story-editor the text frames are still

My workaround is that I can insert 4 fresh pages via the menu; but that
way I do not get any text-frames. I am not stuck but I believe linked
text-frames are such an important feature that the un-linking should
also work properly.

I suspect that the text-frame-linking is still somewhat buggy, like in
many versions up to 1.5.2. And now is maybe a good moment to have a look
at it.

Or am I missing something? I have to mention that my 300 text frames are
all still empty, when I try to unlink each of the first four. Is this

I have experimented some and have found that if I go via the menu,
"item" > "Text frame links" > "Unlink Text frames and cut text" then the
unlinking works every time (right-hand-side pages and left-hand-side
pages) and the arrow goes away immediately. So from my perspective, this
might confirm that the "normal" unlinking is buggy. And not every user
wants to cut the text...

Can other users reproduce this?



ZASKE Martin
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