[scribus] Noob question: Made business-card.sla. How to print?

Kevin Cole dc.loco at gmail.com
Thu May 4 15:06:43 UTC 2017


So. My very first project with Scribus. Complete noob.

Following the directions on
https://wiki.scribus.net/canvas/How_to_make_business_cards I now have an
SLA and a PDF double-sided "virtual sheet", with 10 business cards on it.
There's a wide margin between the two columns but no margin between the
five rows. BTW, I think there's a typo in the page: I think Step 12 wants a
4.0 inch horizontal shift, not a 3.5 inch one, since the 4.0 inch shift
puts the second card squarely within the guides set up at the beginning.

So far, I'm not seeing anything I couldn't have done faster and more
accurately in another application, especially since I was creating cards
for multiple people.  But, I'm willing to drink the Kool-Aid a bit longer,
as the strength, as I understand it, is in the quality of the final product.

How do I now make the best use of the results, in order to get high quality
printed cards? Are there vendors that take SLAs with card definitions that
don't have any spacing between the vertical cards, and print and cut them
nice and pretty? Or are these designed for me to go out and get special
stock paper and cut or tear along the dotted-line? And, since one of the
selling points of Scribus seems to be that it's better suited to producing
nice color when printed -- or so I understand, should I be looking at
particular vendors? Export the PDF with the Color Output intended for
"Printer"​? Increase the DPI to 1200?

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