[scribus] Scribus Generator: turn your data in beautiful documents

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Mon Mar 27 13:22:54 UTC 2017

On 03/26/2017 07:40 PM, Bertrand wrote:
> Hello.
> *Scribus Generator
> <https://github.com/berteh/ScribusGenerator#scribusgenerator>* is a
> Mail-Merge-like extension to Scribus, to generate Scribus and pdf documents
> automatically from your spreadsheet data. A great opensource alternative to
> InDesign's InData.
> A brand new feature now allows you to display multiple data entries in a
> single page. Great to generate your own listings, team charts, game cards,
> who's who posters and more... your imagination is the limit :)
> It already allowed you to replace texts and images dynamically, change
> object colors, position, text font or size dynamically; to     generate
> separate PDF (or Scribus) files for each data entry, or a single file from
> all your data; to use any data source (OpenOffice, MySQL, Excel, Notepad,
> GoogleSpreadsheet...) that can export to CSV; and much more...
> Hope you like it. Feedback is welcome on the dedicated github issue tracker
> <https://github.com/berteh/ScribusGenerator/issues>.

I have used CSV files with Scribus in the past, and never bothered with
LibreOffice or any spreadsheet program, since the whole point of CSV to
me is that they're just comma separated values. I just used a text
editor with lines of text separated by commas, and never had issues.
Maybe you could show on your webpage what contents of the end CSV file
looks like.

This looks like an interesting script, though it looks like one needs a
lot of impetus to work through the process for the first time.


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