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Fri Mar 17 20:46:35 UTC 2017

All black icons are OK  with me. Indeed  all grayscale pages save me money. 
My favorite printer (360 Digital Books) charges for color pages 
individually. With other digital presses just a single color interior page 
ups the cost of all pages.
 My problem with the new icon set stems from the format as tiny png files.  
If they were not bitmapped but in a vector format I could
 enlarge them in a how-to book without losing clarity.
 One important Icon is particularly troublesome The graphic frame symbol 
does not mean graphic to me. And when enlarged it looks ridiculous.  If a 
large T means a text frame then a large G could mean a graphic frame and a 
large S followed by a tiny e could mean
 a text frame with  easy access to the Style Editor (nonexistent but 
potentially useful function.)
 If one can choose an icon bar in preferences maybe I should design my own 
set in Inkspace and output   each in either icc or pdf format.
 Hmm, another project...
 John C.

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