[scribus] Quick route to story editor.

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Thu Mar 16 10:52:02 UTC 2017

this is my last email on the topic.
i'm really tired of discussing this.

i see people who feel disturbed in their habits by a software that evolves.

they have been given three alternative workflows:

- a similar one (the toolbar)
- a "better" one (the keyboard shortcut)
- a "slower" one (the main menu)

and still they drag their feet and shout that i want to destroy their 

on the other side, i keep on reading and hearing people criticizing 
scribus as a software made for cavemen.

i've chosen my side: i'd like the people to see scribus as a friendly 
and pleasant software.

and, as much as i love the idea of a story editor, the way it's 
currently presented in scribus, is part of what gives a bad first 
experience to the new users.

i've seen too many people get stuck in the story editor and never 
discover the advanced formatting features scribus provides.

i've even experienced people complaining that scribus sucks because you 
can only edit the text with the SE and not in the frame!

while it does make sense to have the SE in the CM, sadly, it's very 
likely that the context menu entry is an important factor of those 
problems (not the only one, of course!)

now, since the coding manpower for scribus is limited we have to make a 

- we improve the SE and make it *the* shining tool for editing and 
formatting text or
- we focus on the in-frame editing / formatting and put the SE a bit on 
the side for now.

if you have a better solution than removing the context menu entry, 
please make a proposal that is comparably easy to implement.
one that also solves the issue with the people not discovering the 
in-frame editing, of course!

personally, i see as an alternative, to add an "edit in frame" entry in 
the context menu.
but i really feel bad about proposing it: the context menu is already 
too bloated and such an entry would really only be there, to make sure 
that new users know that it's an option, but has no practical use otherwise.

another alternative, is to add a setting to show or not the entry in the 
context menu.
but is it really worth it? are ctrl-t and the toolbar button really such 
bad alternatives?

on top of it -- even if it does make sense to have a context menu entry 
for the story editor -- having it in a sub menu makes it almost useless.
(but this is another topic which will be as hard to discuss: should we 
have a slim context menu for fast access to common actions or do we want 
to replicate the full navigation? the current situation being (in my 
eyes) a bad compromise between both positions)

all in all, i understand the reasons why some people want that context 
menu entry back and i think that in future it will probably be a good 
idea to re-add it (but not as "edit text"!).
but, for now, i believe that removing it, gives a better experience to a 
larger number of users.

have a wonderful day

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