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 *Hi *

Please tell me about this "Script" to update Scribus??

I'm stuck with 1.4.6 as my Opsys Repo (PClinusOS) wont update and I
can't get AppImage to work with Scribus
(Another program I use, (Kexi), works fine with AppImage!!)

So am interested in this Update method.


Pretoria RSA
 I had no luck with the appimage file either.

Ok some time back I downloaded a script by  Scribus expert Jluc. called 
 The first part of the script includes all the variables you can change to 
match your system.
 In particular I had to change the Qt5 line to match the release I have.
 You need to have the Qt5 libraries and cmake on your system. You need to 
have the usual files
 for compiling from source: gcc etc. There may be other requirements that 
 learn about on your first run. So you install them and run it again. My 
system is
 slackware 14.2 so most stuff is there already..
 To avoid permission miseries I generally run it as root.
 I think Jluc doesn't update the script any more.
 Since the script downloads all the latest Scribus source and then compiles 
it,  runtime is long.
 I will post my copy of the script, set up to use the latest svn version, 
 Good luck!
 John Culleton


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