[scribus] Using the Appimage file version of scribus

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Fri Mar 3 18:08:58 UTC 2017


 Since appimage is not usable (at least not here) I decided to try the 
Fedora rpg version. So I installed Fedora workstation
 ( a useful OS it seems.) When I unwrapped the scribus.rpg it balked 
because a partiucular version of hunspell was not available.
 So I downloaded Libre Office which uses Hunnspell. The error message did 
not change. So I went to the hunspall site. I downloaded what I thought was 
Hunspell, I got a package named "hyphen" instead. It didnot help.
 If Scribus requires Hunspell of a certain vintage  I suggest it be 
included in the rpg package IMHO. I use either the ispell spell checker or 
the one built in to Gvim.
 John C

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