[scribus] Errror 6, again

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Here is a suggestion, install Scribus into your home directory. You then 
get rid of all the permission problems that might or might not exist as you 
keep it all in house.

If you like scripts, this untested off the top of my head script might do 
you. Save it as scbuild.sh and make it executable




$SVN co svn://scribus.net/trunk/Scribus scribus15
cd scribus15
mkdir build
cd build

and then start Scribus # ~/Scribus-1.5.3/bin/scribus

Your untested script has this problem: neither "install" nor "find"
 can locate the executable file :.Scribus-1.5.3
 I tried eliminating the last line and searching using find but that didn't 
work either.
 Any suggestions?
 BTW what OS do you use/suggest?

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