[scribus] github + markdown > python > scribus > pdf > A6 cards

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Wed Jun 7 21:12:49 UTC 2017


the last two evenings, i've been working on a small project that could
be of interest / inspiration for some of you.

A few days ago i've read about a list of practical projects for people
learning to program:


It could be very useful for our programming courses... but in its
current form, the list is a bit "dry"...

I mixed together:

- A Python script that downloads the README.md file and "extracts" the
  list of projects

- A few icons from openlipart.org

- A Scribus file with one master page per project type.

And the result is a Pdf with 92 cards that I will print and put on the
table next week:


I've missed some function in the scripter -- like being able to set
character styles -- but it was a funny and pleasant project!

And, now, it's time for some sleep.

Good night

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