[scribus] disembedding images

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Sun Jun 4 08:28:06 UTC 2017

hi vaclav

> I am working on a draft comic book translation created as scanned PDF 
> import and then overlay (another layer) of text frames. This works
> quite well for my use-case except that the background images are
> saved every time, which means every save writes something like 180MB
> of data, taking a few seconds.
> Is there a way to dis-embed all images from that particular layer,
> i.e. have them saved as bg/pg-001.jpg &c so that the .sla file is 
> lightweight? I am quite profficient with Python (but never did
> scripting in scribus); pointers in that direction are also very
> appreciated.

i guess that you already know that you can manually disembed your
images by right clicking on them...

otherwise, -- if you are proficient in python and can read some c++
-- it's not that hard to add a new command to the python API...

this is an example of somehow has recently added a new command:


hope that helps

p.s.: i suppose that you have checked and you did not find a command to
disembed in the scripter API...

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