[scribus] Access to e.g. rembrandt.png files.

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Subject: [scribus] Access to e.g. rembrandt.png files.

 When I download and compile a version of Scribus there are always a group
of *.png files in the mix.  I can always search the source files and find
them. But I don't know if there is a way to call them from within scribus.
More critically I don't know whether a person who downloads a compiled
version of Scribus ever receives these *.png files at all. In other words
when i rewrite my book on using Scribus for cover design  should Ieven
mention them.

 They  are so small hat their utility is limited. But they could be used as
decorative items.

 Just wondering.

 Johm Culleton


I think that they are part of the documentation.
For example, the Rembrandt*.png files are screen captures in the "Scribus Quick Start Guide" in doc/en/qsg.html
Regards, William

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