[scribus] several versions on OpenSuse Leap 42.2

David Copeland david.copeland at rogers.com
Thu Jan 26 16:06:19 UTC 2017

Hi Martin,

I also run Suse 42.2. When you installed 1.5.2 via "1-Click-Install" you
replaced your 1.4.6 with 1.5.2.

I think that to have both installed you will need to re-install 1.4.6,
then either build 1.5.x yourself from the SVN source (this is what I do)
or use one of these "app images", but I have never done this so don't
know what is involved.


On 26/01/17 10:25 AM, ZASKE Martin wrote:
> Dear List,
> today I am setting up a new computer for our intern. OpenSuse Leap 42.2
> in 64bit on a DELL laptop with 4GB ram.
> I have read so often that several versions of Scribus can be installed
> in parallel (and I am using that daily on Windows 10), so I got quite
> puzzled when I installed 1.5.2 after 1.4.6 that I cannot find 1.4.6 any
> longer. I had no questions or options-dialogue about uninstalling any
> other version.
> I had installed 1.4.6 via the default repository in Yast2 and then 1.5.2
> via this link from mrdocs:
> software.opensuse.org/package/scribus
> and the "1 Click Install" button.
> When I now select scribus in Yast2 it is listing 1.5.2-2.2 as installed
> and 1.4.6-2.10 as "available". So (how) can I use it?
> Sorry this feels like a newby question. I remember that when I took the
> adventure (once) to compile myself, I had mention of creating a separate
> folder. But what about getting those helpful packages? Is it "either
> or"? Or is there some setting where I can regularly use both versions.
> Background: We have read that 1.5 series can open 1.4 documents. But we
> found that often the layout and styles just shift in some small annoying
> details - so a 1.4 document in 1.5 is never save to use, it has to be
> tweaked and proof-read all over again. We found that it is much safer to
> keep the latest program from each series. And we are making new
> documents only with the 1.5 series but we still have many old documents
> which we need for re-prints etc.
> More Background: We have many reasons why we are using OpenSuse on most
> machines in our office. I would muchly prefer answers which do not
> include "get another OS". But if you know a written howto from another
> distro, I will gladly look at it and will try to adapt the process.
> Our intern will need to open many old documents (1.4). And she will make
> several new documents with the team.
> Any input is welcome. I could also do another install (internet today is
> not as bad as normally) if that would allow a parallel installation.
> Thank you.  Martin
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