[scribus] Spell checker

Owen Cook owen.cook at gmx.com
Wed Jan 25 07:52:43 UTC 2017

> On 01/24/2017 07:59 AM, wena-parry at talktalk.net wrote:
> > Is there a Welsh Spell checker at all, and how do I use it if such be available?
> As far as I can tell, this seems to be broken in Scribus.
> You can certainly set Welsh as the language for Scribus, and you can get
> a Welsh dictionary, but I can't seem to get it to work in Scribus, or at
> least work properly.
> When I try to use it, and this is with 1.4.6, 1.4.7svn, or 1.5.3svn, the
> language keeps reverting to English after each word, and this is with
> setting the language in Preferences to Welsh.
> Maybe someone else has some insight.

In Debian there does not appear to be a Welsh dictionary for Hunspell, I would imagine the same applies to Fedora packages.

There is an aspell one, but Scribus no longer uses aspell.

Need a good proof reader :-)


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