[scribus] Scribus now ready for our language

ZASKE Martin zm at revue-gugu.org
Wed Jan 18 21:05:18 UTC 2017

On 18.01.2017 18:33, Craig Bradney wrote:
> Hi Martin
> Its already there in the code to support the language so if the hyphenation/spelling files are there it should work.
> Changing the UI language depends on someone doing the translation. If you find someone to do that, you can have the UI in Anii.
> Craig

Hi Craig,

nice that the support is there in principle.

So how can I select the Anii language in the document set-up, if it is
not in the list? Can I somehow extend that list? File -- Document
Setup... -- General -- Language

And how can I select Anii for the spell check, if I do not see it in
that list either? Windows -- Resources -- Category -- Spelling
Dictionaries -- Update Available List (nothing) or -- Show in Explorer ...

Ah yes, I did a hack: Went to the folder as indicated by some other
languages and copied our blo.dic and blo.aff

Next time I opened the Resources Window, our language Anii got listed
(nicely at the top).

So I created a text-frame (no worries a.l.e, since 1.5.3 Scribus renders
our language more beautifully than ever, all the diacritics are nicely
centred) and put some Anii text and high and behold: I can now select
Anii as the language of that text (it does default to English).

And once I have selected Anii, it already proposed me several spelling
corrections. It took much more effort to get this going in OmegaT than
in the new Scribus, but we are making progress with more tools.

So big thank you to the developers. By just using Hunspell as a plug-in,
you have allowed many users of minority languages to use their existing
"resources". Very nice.

And you were waiting for this: Imagine that we are making a 20-page
magazine with some 200 text-frames, 199 of those in Anii and one in
French. It would be awesome to tell Scribus at document level that this
entire beast is an Anii-document, so all text-frames and
spelling-dialogues would default to Anii rather than English.

Shall I file a feature request or is this so obvious that it is already
on some to-do list?

Never mind that I have this secondary feature-wish; Craig you still made
my day with the good news that we can spell-check from today!!

This is really encouraging for a team working on a developing minority



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