[scribus] Success stories 2017

ZASKE Martin zm at revue-gugu.org
Tue Jan 17 12:56:15 UTC 2017

Hi list,

last year I had to beg for help, because there was no blank page on the
wiki for success stories 2016.

So having done more stuff on some wikis - and wanting to pay back the
favour - I just tried creating a new blank page for the new year (which
is not so new any more).

The new page is here:


But it does not get listed under this category page (although I believe
I have assigned the category):


So I need to beg for help again (and this year I do not even have a
fresh story, but want our wiki to be ready for users who do). Either I
do not have the right level to create pages (or somebody needs to
approve it first maybe), or I got it wrong somewhere.

Sorry either way. Please help.


There were not many entries of success in 2016. I hope this means that
Scribus is no longer "exotic" but rather moving to be part of the
main-stream. I have always appreciated the examples from other more-able
users for inspiration.
	Or maybe the "new" website is too beautiful and users hardly click to
move on to the very-detailed wiki behind?

I like the new "made with" page here:


It is sleek and elegant but is only listing very few examples (that is
part of the elegance, I know). I wonder whether there could be a link to
the more complete "made with" page on the wiki at the bottom, linking to


And maybe a link to the stories?

What do you think?



Today started orienting and training a new intern on Scribus using the
book by Christoph and Gregory for some initial exercises; and then
moving dramatically on to 1.5.3 to create some children-activity-sheets...

I happened on the websites, because I showed the intern that Scribus is
done by real people, not some anonymous product from some big far-away

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