[scribus] designing instructional posters on code/programming -- lots of syntax highlighting

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Wed Jan 4 19:34:30 UTC 2017

- When I import it as an image frame the resolution is horrible, so I go
> into the filename.html and set large fontsize, reopen that in firefox, and
> re-print to the post script file.  By the time I've enlarged the font
> enough to get a good resolution in Scribus, half of the code is
> clipped/cropped out of the image.  And playing with this some more, the
> background color that is specified in the .html file does not seem to get
> preserved when firefox goes to print it and the font colors get altered
> then as well.

Did you try to export to PDF? Or try to change the preview resolution to

Because normally Scribus renders preview at a lower resolution to improve

Also note that when exporting to PDF there is a checkbox for _not_
rasterizing embedded PDF/Postscript at PDF export (it is labeled as
experimental mainly due to that color management is not correctly handled).

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