[scribus] designing instructional posters on code/programming -- lots of syntax highlighting

Alec Hill bulk at ahill.io
Wed Jan 4 15:00:40 UTC 2017

Hello folks :)

I would greatly appreciate some advice about what direction to go...
realizing this may be a bit of a rabbit hole that might require I spend
several hours learning various things, if it's a rabbit hole indeed I'd
like to avoid travelling the wrong tunnels if possible...

I need to design informational/instructional posters that have lots of code
samples in which the code is properly syntax-highlighted like you'd see in
Kate/Gedit/Vim/any IDE etc.

What approach should I take for this?

A while back, I discovered the Minted package for LaTex and learned enough
about LaTex at the time that I could create a .tex file and then run some
command to produce a pdf file.  But I have yet to get it working inside
Scribus.  LaTex-frames setup is working (I can read the sample math
formula) but as soon as I edit the headers and enter some code it fails to

It's possible that some little mistake is causing rendering to fail.  But
it's also possible that I'm taking the wrong approach with this
altogether.  Either way, I don't know.

Is LaTex what I need to be doing this(and if so, using the frames and
copy/pasting code into the frames? or maybe there's a way to embed/link-to
source files the way we do with images and text docs?)?  Does Scribus offer
other tools that would be better suited for this?  And perhaps, are there
insights to answer questions I'm not yet wise enough to ask (words of
caution, etc)?

Thanks and best regards,
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