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Ken Springer snowshed1 at q.com
Wed Jan 4 03:50:53 UTC 2017

Hi, Martin,

I wasn't trying to compare Scribus to a word processor.  I was merely 
noting how easy it is to add captions in a word processor compared to 
Scribus.  If you've read my last post in my Aligning Frames thread, I've 
written what I tell others about word processors and page layout software.

I do like your auto vs. tractor comparison.  The thing is, with the 
power of modern personal computers, there's no reason you can't have 
both.  For users who don't need the "total control" that would be a 
plus.  For what I'm currently using Scribus for, I don't need the 
ability to do a script for something.  I wouldn't know how to write one 
if my life depended on it.  LOL

For those like Gregory Pittman, if you want to write a script, go for 
it!  <G>

When you limit what your software allows users to do, you limit the 
field of potential users.

I have a few reasons for using Scribus right now, but I have to say, 
from my limited experience so far, if I was creating a monthly 
newsletter for my employer, or a small club, I would use the commercial 
program I own.  It's just far easier and quicker to get to the same 
endpoint.  :-)

Philosophically speaking, regarding your uncle's viewpoint, computers 
are supposed to do those mundane and repetitive things for you.  If we 
took his approach, we'd still be using horse and buggies, and not cars. 
<G>  Computers should allow users to get things done faster and more 
efficiently.  That can only happen if programmers include new 
capabilities  and features with each new version.

As for helping, all I can do is offer ideas and thoughts.  I don't 
possess the technical knowledge to program, etc.  Nor do I have the time 
to be a beta tester, I don't do page layout work as a career.  In fact, 
I'm retired.  LOL

On 1/3/17 10:22 AM, ZASKE Martin wrote:
> Scribus should maybe not be compared to a word processor.*
> I have not found a way to have captions automatically added. Scribus is
> about total-control-of-your-page. So if our developers will ever give us
> an "auto-caption-feature", users will shout for 60+ options from the
> start (not least the option to turn it off; or even will insist that it
> be turned off by default; and then some new users will not find it...).
> Maybe the words "option" and "automatically" do not even go together? Do
> we have any philosophers on this list?
> For one of our regular publications, an image-caption-feature with
> settings as-per-document might be helpful. It has never bothered us
> enough to even prompt a feature-request. My uncle would say: "If you
> still have the strength to pull open an image frame, you can also pull
> open a text-frame underneath!". Yet he never suffered from sore tendons
> or from overpriced badly manufactured Kensington track-balls...
> If you want to help, the issue has been identified as a "potential project":
> https://github.com/aoloe/scribus-project/tree/master/image-caption
> hthal
> Martin
> *I bet, some readers will just do it anyway, like this:
> - A wordprocessor is like a Mercedes, where it is all smooth and
> automatic (and you can buy it in grey or black) and you get spoiled at
> the steering wheel (and if you fall asleep, it might even try to wake
> you up, as you get near your destination); it is rather useless at
> hauling serious quantities of manure (nod to Dwight Schrute) and it
> might take you to very distant countries, if nothing too complicated
> breaks as you leave your dealer/garage behind
> - Scribus is like a tractor, which will even take unlimited extensions
> (if you can find them or adapt them or afford them) and it can haul lots
> of anything, possibly slowly but without stopping; and you have many
> many many not-very-detailedly labelled levers and controls (and some of
> them are even hidden) for doing your special stuff (pulling your load
> backwards if you prefer) and you get to sit on top of a rather noisy
> machine and feel great (even with the usual trail of sedans behind you
> on the road, being jealous and honking for no reason); and if you do
> stop eventually, the other owners of your brand will gather around your
> tractor and will gladly chat to you about your beast...
> On 02.01.2017 21:59, Ken Springer wrote:
>> When you insert a frame in many word processors, you have the option of
>> automatically adding a caption for the frame?
>> Is this possible in Scribus 1.5.1, or do I have to manually create a
>> frame for caption text?
>> The word "caption" seems to be scare in the installed manual or the wiki
>> help when checking out working with frames.

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