[scribus] Text flow around a frame

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Mon Jan 2 15:29:57 UTC 2017

hi federico and ianw

> As in 1.5.2 this feature doesn't exist. I personally use another shape
> (transparent/no color) to get it done. Other option might be to copy
> an existing shape (if the shape is to complex), apply text flow to it
> and make transparent.
> > Am I missing something here!!??
> >
> > I use Scribus, (several years now), currently 1.4.6, (because my
> > Linux distro will not up-date until a "stable" version is
> > produced!!), and I produce a monthly +/- 60 page Journal each
> > month. My publication has lots of Text Boxes and Image Boxes in it.
> > To control the Text Box margins I go to 'Text' > 'Columns and Text
> > Distances' and this works 100%.
> >
> > My big gripe is the Image Boxes - to put a gap in between the Image
> > and the Text there seems to be no equivalent like for the Text Box
> > so my "work-round" is to put a Text Box on top of the Image Box and
> > re-size it to give me the margin I want.

i don't really get the problems you guys are facing.

it would be helpful if you could upload somewhere
(framapic? framadrop?) screenshots and sample
you can then post here the links and we can probably have a better
grasp at what your trying to achieve.

while scribus misses some feature that would simplify the work with
"floating" texts and images, i have the feeling that:

- you are missing some scribus features and/or
- you could improve your work by simplifying a bit the "structure" of
  your document

but, as said, hard to say (at least for rme...) what exactly you're
trying to achieve... and give you better hints :-)

buon anno a tutti

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