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Anders Källström anders at texnat.se
Mon Jan 2 15:02:31 UTC 2017

Den 2017-01-02 kl. 15:17, skrev Ian Whitfield:
> *Hi Ken*
> Am I missing something here!!??
> I use Scribus, (several years now), currently 1.4.6, (because my Linux 
> distro will not up-date until a "stable" version is produced!!), and I 
> produce a monthly +/- 60 page Journal each month. My publication has 
> lots of Text Boxes and Image Boxes in it. To control the Text Box 
> margins I go to 'Text' > 'Columns and Text Distances' and this works 
> 100%.
> My big gripe is the Image Boxes - to put a gap in between the Image 
> and the Text there seems to be no equivalent like for the Text Box so 
> my "work-round" is to put a Text Box on top of the Image Box and 
> re-size it to give me the margin I want.
> Hope this might help and best wishes to you and all Forum Members for 
> 2017!!
> IanW
A simple way of putting some space between a picture and surrounding 
text is the following
(works fine for me in Scribus 1.4.6 and in 1.5.3svn)
Place the picture with the frame adjusted to the picture. With the 
picture frame selected choose
the image tab in properties. Click on Free Scaling. You can now scale 
the picture and move it around
inside the frame. Or you can resize the frame and leave the picture 
unchanged inside it. The text
will flow round the frame whatever the size of the picture inside it.

Happy New Scribus Year!

/Anders K
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