[scribus] Text flow around a frame

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Mon Jan 2 14:24:12 UTC 2017

On 01/02/2017 08:56 AM, Ken Springer wrote:
> On 1/2/17 1:32 AM, "Christoph Schäfer" wrote:
>>> Gesendet: Montag, 02. Januar 2017 um 05:19 Uhr
>>> Von: "Ken Springer" <snowshed1 at q.com>
>>> An: scribus at lists.scribus.info
>>> Betreff: [scribus] Text flow around a frame
>>> Scribus 1.5.1
>>> How do you set the distance between the frame and the text?  I found the
>>> options to use frame shape, use contour line, etc., but how to set the
>>> distance has eluded me.
>> Hi Ken,
>> Since you've found the "Shape" tab of the Properties Palette, you
>> might want to have a look at the "Edit" button ...
> Hi, Christoph,
> Once again, thanks for the reply.
> And to repeat for those that did not read my other message, because of
> my sig, everyone may have been mislead a bit, thinking I'm using Scribus
> on my Mac.  I'm using Scribus in Windows 10.  My apologies for any
> misunderstanding.
> This time, not working quite so well.  LOL
> I had indeed checked the "Edit" button based on what I'd read in the
> help file.  I had selected "Use Frame Shape".  When the Nodes dialogue
> came up, that wasn't what I was expecting.  I expected to see a simple
> dialogue saying something to the effect of "I want X amount of space
> between the frame and the text", as word processors I've used do this.
> (FYI, for the frame shape this is much simpler than moving nodes.  :-) )
>  My mind connects nodes with adjusting bezier and b-spline curves, not
> the corners of a frame.  My conclusion...  This can't be right.
> I went back and read the Nodes section of the help file, thinking I'd
> missed something.  But  this time I grabbed the frame corner, and I see
> what the developers are doing/did.  But...
> My frame has a fill, and the fill adjusts to the node position, rather
> than staying within the dimensions of the original frame.  Result...  No
> distance between the fill and the text.  And, not what I want. :-)
> Am I missing something?
> I also noticed that when the nodes are moved, and there's an image frame
> next to the frame you are adjusting, the image frame is not
> affected/moved.  That, I think, might be a good feature to have.
> I was going to rant about modern User Interface programming, but have
> decided not to, other than to say UI programming seems to be regressing
> as time goes on.  :-(
There are two somewhat related things you can do, depending on your needs.
There is text flow around frame, found in the Shape tab, and after
setting this, you might edit the Contour Line of the frame. This will
create a space between the frame and some other text frame behind it.

If what you want is space between the text and its own frame, then you
want to adjust Text Distances, part of the Text tab in Properties, and
you set the individual distances, Top, Bottom, Left, and Right.

The reason these things are in two different places is that Text
Distances is specific to text frames, whereas Text Flow could apply to
any object.


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