[scribus] Errror 6, again

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Thu Feb 23 21:07:35 UTC 2017

 I use Slackware Linux.  In 2009 I wrote a pdf book about designing book 
covers via Scribus which had modest success.
 It grew obsolete so i withdrew it.
 Now I am  writing  some print desktop guides including one on book cover 
design using Scribus 1.6.0.
 I am using the latest svn version so that I can work from the version 
closest to the forthcoming 1.6.0
 Since there is no nightly version for Slack I compile using Jluc's 
 For several releases now I get a Signal 6  error when I try to add or 
modify a paragraph style. I haven't determined yet 
 what is the last release that doesn't  have this error. But what I need is 
for my nightly compile runs to generate a
 version without this error.
 Has anyone else noted this error?
 Is there a path other than the Jluc script to get the latest nightly 
release of 1.5.3?
 Note: I changed my addy in an effort to keep Scribus email separate from 
other mailing lists.
 I will of course welcome all responses.
 John Culleton

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