[scribus] Some observations after using 1.5.3 for a while

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Thu Feb 23 08:36:20 UTC 2017

hi martin

> Right now I am trying to compile - but now struggling to download a lot
> of QT5 stuff for my Ubuntu virtual machine (there was some "linguistic"
> stuff missing in my packet-manager, so now I go for the entire installer
> from the QT website). 1.5.3 will be awesome for our language.

imo, if you're trying to get the newest scribus to run in a virtual 
machine the most useless thing to do, is to compile / manally fetch 
parts (or all) of qt!

first, use a linux distribution / version that has everything you need 
for compiling scribus.
the latest ubuntu and debian testing are (as an example) more than fine.

second: i hope you know that compiling in a vm takes much longer than 
doing the same on your computer...

third, if you have different goals than compiling scribus (and making 
patches), there are easier ways to get the newest 1.5.3 (for ubuntu 
there should be a ppa... or we can provide links for downloading 


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