[scribus] Some observations after using 1.5.3 for a while

Doug Hutcheson owlbrudder at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 03:55:50 UTC 2017

I have just assigned "Adjust Frame To Image" to a shortcut key and
found it works instantly if invoked from the shortcut, but still takes
35 seconds when invoked from the menu. Curious, but at least I have
soled two of my queries.
On Wed, 2017-02-22 at 13:20 +1000, Doug Hutcheson wrote:
> I am very pleased with the improvements obvious in this version. The
> following comments are intended to be helpful to the developers as
> well as other users.
> - In the Preferences dialog, I have set language to English
> (Australia), but every time I create or edit a text frame, the
> properties dialog shows English(US).
> - In a text frame, it is usual to click past the end of a paragraph
> to place the cursor after the last character. When the paragraph is
> the last one in the frame and there are no characters (cr/lf, space
> etc.) following the last visible character, clicking beyond the end
> of the paragraph positions the cursor before the last character, not
> after it. The cursor can be moved past the last character by using
> the right arrow.
> - I insert quite a few images into the newsletter I write. Is there a
> way to make a shortcut for "Adjust Frame To Image"?
> - "Adjust Frame To Image" takes 35 seconds to respond on my system
> (HP Pavilion, Intel core i7, 8Gb RAM).
> - Alt+Ctrl+P does not toggle preview mode, it brings up the clipboard
> history window. I have reassigned Preview to F9 and Edit in Preview
> to Shift+F9.
> - I could not find anything about catalogues or marks in the help
> files - is there doco available on these?
> Cheers,
> Doug
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