[scribus] Some observations after using 1.5.3 for a while

Doug Hutcheson owlbrudder at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 03:20:00 UTC 2017

I am very pleased with the improvements obvious in this version. The
following comments are intended to be helpful to the developers as well
as other users.

- In the Preferences dialog, I have set language to English
(Australia), but every time I create or edit a text frame, the
properties dialog shows English(US).
- In a text frame, it is usual to click past the end of a paragraph to
place the cursor after the last character. When the paragraph is the
last one in the frame and there are no characters (cr/lf, space etc.)
following the last visible character, clicking beyond the end of the
paragraph positions the cursor before the last character, not after it.
The cursor can be moved past the last character by using the right
- I insert quite a few images into the newsletter I write. Is there a
way to make a shortcut for "Adjust Frame To Image"?
- "Adjust Frame To Image" takes 35 seconds to respond on my system (HP
Pavilion, Intel core i7, 8Gb RAM).
- Alt+Ctrl+P does not toggle preview mode, it brings up the clipboard
history window. I have reassigned Preview to F9 and Edit in Preview to
- I could not find anything about catalogues or marks in the help files
- is there doco available on these?

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