[scribus] Font substitution

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Tue Feb 21 13:47:14 UTC 2017


On 21/02/17 14:25, ZASKE Martin wrote:
> There was some blurb in early Scribus versions about how and why Scribus
> is picky about certain fonts. Fine. It came up early, I believe right
> after installation in some readme.first.
> But we cannot have font-anarchy: If Scribus has accepted a font
> previously (like DejaVu) and the font is not changed in a fundamental
> way; then Scribus must not unilaterally refuse that font (at least not
> for existing documents) later.
> For our minority language, we are very limited as far as choice of fonts
> goes. We spend a lot of time and effort for each new project, figuring
> out the "least-bad" font. So having Scribus refuse that some time later,
> when a lot of time has gone into styles and layout would make me very
> upset. I am already grumpy about DejaVu and luckily do not have a lot of
> documents concerned.
> I hereby vote +1 for forward font-stability.
> And of course I would love to hear feedback please from the developers
> on what is happening and why. Font anarchy would be a reason to go away
> from Scribus. That would be a sad day. And costly in several ways. But
> our documents must stay available, that is why we went OpenSource in the
> first place (and Linux is often a pain).

as far as i know, the problem is related to a library used by scribus.

there is a specific version of that library that has issues with dejavu. 
and if it's that version that is installed on your system you're out of 
(last time i've checked i was out of luck on my laptop...)

scribus executables that are delivered with their own libraries in the 
package (windows, os x) are (afaik) not affected by this issue.

but, this is the way the linux world works... so: nothing scribus can do 

ah, and the bug has already been fixed... you just have to wait for the 
new version making its way to your computer :-)


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