[scribus] Best way to save a "Scribus object"

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Tue Feb 21 13:42:53 UTC 2017


> If I ever find time, I will try to test, how I can "liberate" a
> Scribus-object as a separate vector-file, for example a logo made in
> Scribus might become logo.svg. This would be hacking, but why not. Where
> text is involved, Scribus is the "better vector" editor than other tools...

well, i'm not sure that scribus really beats inkscape there...

anyway, you can export a document as svg (or pdf, of course) and then 
open it in inkscape for further editing.

if you want to just export one shape, simply create a new scribus 
document and paste there the artwork you wish to export.

btw, you can copy paste a selection from inkscape to scribus (1.5).
the other way round it does not seem to work.


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