[scribus] Question from a complete newbie

Dave Brzeski & Jilly Paddock dave at cathaven.co.uk
Wed Feb 15 10:35:38 UTC 2017

Many thanks to all who replied. This is very useful information. It is actually the print book
formatting that mainly concerns me, as ebook formatting isn't that hard. I simply convert the doc to
html, then make mobi and epub files in Calibre, to get an idea what it looks like before uploading
to Amazon etc.. I've not looked at Smashwords as yet, but my partner has self-published on there
with no problem.The book I'm specifically working on already has that part done. I'm simply looking
at a paperback edition in the near future.

Regarding the need to do large books in smaller chunks, to prevent Scribus from crashing... I have
recently edited a huge collection of stories (5 x 60s/70s paperback collections in one omnibus
volume. OCR proofing is such fun!) for a small publisher who uses InDesign. Now I'm pretty certain
he has an older version of the software, as I doubt he's paying a monthly fee, but this particular
book was so large that he was forced to split the pdf into 3 parts. So it's certainly not just
Scribus that has this issue.

Dave Brzeski

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