[scribus] Question from a complete newbie

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Wed Feb 15 06:59:03 UTC 2017

> What I'm looking to learn to do is format books for ebook & paperback
> editions. I don't really fancy
> doing it on the CreateSpace website & I definitely don't fancy their
> charges for doing it for you.
IMO Scribus is not the best tool to create eBooks, becase Scribus is very
"page oriented" and made to "place things on pages". For eBooks you usually
want more of a "tagged text" approach (like HMTL) that can be re-flowed
based on the screen size.

While it is not impossible, it is very hard to make an eBook from a Scribus
document (I haven't seen many success stories, and those who have succeeded
seem to depend a lot on using tweaked scripts for the task). It is a lot
easier to import marked up content into Scribus text frames.

As others have already written, most people doing "dual output" do not
create the content in Scribus but uses it only for the "final finish" of
the print version.

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