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Geoffrey Dow geoffdow at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 03:12:32 UTC 2017

I produced a text-heavy book using Scribus in 2013, so my insights into the
software are out-of-date. (That said, I'm *really* looking forward to using
the latest stable version on my next project!)

However, at the time at least, Scribus wasn't the recommended software for
creating an ebook. My ebook version was a document produced using
LibreOffice, and saved as a .doc. Point being, most ebooks do away with the
complex formatting Scribus affords, unless you intend to release your book
as a .pdf file.

I found the instructions available through Smashwords very easy-to-use:


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On 13 February 2017 at 19:52, Dave Brzeski & Jilly Paddock <
dave at cathaven.co.uk> wrote:

> Having looked at the price of InDesign & reeled in shock, I looked for an
> alternative. Scribus looks
> great. I already use Apache OpenOffice, so I'm used to Open Source
> software.
> What I'm looking to learn to do is format books for ebook & paperback
> editions. I don't really fancy
> doing it on the CreateSpace website & I definitely don't fancy their
> charges for doing it for you.
> I picked up a copy of the Scribus 1.3.5 Beginner's Guide by Cedric Geary
> and was a little worried
> when I read in the preface that Scribus was ideal for helping create
> business card, brochures,
> newsletters, magazines & catalogues, but books aren't mentioned. Is
> Scribus up to the task of laying
> out paperback books and are there any limitations I need to know about
> going in?
> Thanks - Dave Brzeski
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