[scribus] Fwd: Re: Wieder zurück mit Problemen

Albrecht Will albrecht.will at online.de
Sat Feb 11 17:12:06 UTC 2017

Am Samstag, 11. Februar 2017, 10:06:45 CET schrieb Gregory Pittman:
> Hallo Greg,
> > thanks for this possibility to have a second chance if the build-in
> > function dos not work. Till now it works.
> > But this is the possiblitiy to aks where I can find the way to install
> > scripts.
> Scripts can be anywhere on your computer. You make a plain text file of
> the listing as shown on the wiki page, for example, by copying it to a
> text editor (on Windows there is Notepad, Linux has many choices), then
> save it as plain text. For the wiki example above, you could choose a
> name like 'extract_info.py'.
> Then, when in Scribus, in the menu, choose Scripter > Execute script...
> (Script > Script ausführen...) and a file dialog pops up for you to find
> your saved script. Click OK and the script runs. (Zuletzt verwendete
> Scripte shows any recent scripts of your own that you have run).

This was very easy, I thought allways that scripts in Scribus are a science. 
Thank you! Its especially fine to have a list of pictures an their sources. 

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