[scribus] Image Formatting Question

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Tue Aug 1 15:13:25 UTC 2017

h john

> Image Placement: I create a frame for my image and select the image
> for the frame. Initially the image is displayed to fit the frame and
> in order to resize the image I have to grow the frame to the required
> size with the settings on "Sale to frame size" and "proportional" and
> then have to change the settings to "Free Scaling" so the image does
> not shrink as I crop the image with the frame...InDesign has drag
> handles for the frame and the image. Is there this sort of
> functionality that I am missing?

you can define the behavior in the preferences (for future documents)
and in the document settings (for the active document).
you can have the image in the frame automatically follow the size of
the frame or manually change it through the properties palette.
but, indeed, scribus does not yet have handles for resizing the image
in the frame.
it will come at some time... probably.

> Image Copy and Placement: When creating an additional page to a
> document I often find I want to copy and paste images from previous
> pages and place them in exactly the same position (particularly with
> logos, headers and footers). Is there an easy way to copy and paste
> in position on a new page. Either that or set guides that are the
> same on every page or set for facing pages?

when you copy paste an item from a page to another one, it will be
pasted at the same place where it was in the source page...

but you can also define guides in the master page (edit > master pages).

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