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John Rivers John.Rivers at msdigital.com
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Hi All,

Have been using Scribus for a few months now and as a former InDesign user have found it easy to pick up and do what I need, however there are a couple of things that are bothering me and I don't know if it's just the way I'm using it or if I need to do something different.

Image Placement: I create a frame for my image and select the image for the frame. Initially the image is displayed to fit the frame and in order to resize the image I have to grow the frame to the required size with the settings on "Sale to frame size" and "proportional" and then have to change the settings to "Free Scaling" so the image does not shrink as I crop the image with the frame...InDesign has drag handles for the frame and the image. Is there this sort of functionality that I am missing?

Image Copy and Placement: When creating an additional page to a document I often find I want to copy and paste images from previous pages and place them in exactly the same position (particularly with logos, headers and footers). Is there an easy way to copy and paste in position on a new page.
Either that or set guides that are the same on every page or set for facing pages?



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