[scribus] Where is Kunda?

JLuc jluc at no-log.org
Sat Apr 29 08:10:28 UTC 2017

Le 28/04/2017 à 16:25, Gregory Pittman a écrit :
> On 04/28/2017 08:37 AM, benedek wrote:
>> Hi everybody.
>> Somebody know where is Kunda? What happened to him? He is coming back?
> Kunda said he needed a break, for what reason we don't know, but he
> kindly let us know he would be stepping out of things. He didn't say
> if/when he might be back, but he'll certainly be welcomed back again.

I'm afraid he once came back on irc, seemed to be willing to learn C++
but his newbee questions were not wellcomed.
Maybe there was some musunderstanding also.

Rude behaviour is not totally uncommon on scribus irc.
As for me I remember having received rude "CRAP !" answers.
As sexism previously mentionned here, it repells nice people.
This is sad but i think it's better not to hide that
so there can be a change for the better.


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