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I should have explained:
 I am updating my earlier book on Book Cover Design Using Scribus and wanted to expand it to cover the metric world as well as the inch world.
 When I print through Ingram or 360 Digital or Lulu or Booklocker  or Createspace I send them a finished cover file. I don't use the templates furnished by e.g. Ingram or Createspace. The Ingram template is clumsy to use and requires a manual moving of the bar code from the middle of the back cover to closer to the spine. The Createspace template is only accurate to the nearest 11 pages.
 My own template generators, one in python form and one online, add a center guide on each of the three panels. this helps in centering text items. They are based on the formula published by 360 digital.
 Another answer to my original query gives me the info I need.

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> When figuring book spine dimensions in the USA we use the attribute of the
> interior paper used called PPI or pages per inch.
> The page count is divided by the PPI, a small factor for the cover
> thickness is added and the result is the spine width in inches.
> Printers here will either quote the PPI or at least provide a method to
> calculate it.
> In the metric world things are different of course. What is the attribute
> of paper stock equivalent to PPI? How is it used to calculate
> the spine dimensions?
> All replies appreciated.
> John Culleton

Hi John,

I wonder why you even need this. Publishing companies calculate the size of the spine on their own, and POD companies either provide an online spine calculator or a formula, which you can apply in Scribus using the arithmetic capacities of its spin boxes.


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