[scribus] Equivilent to Pages Per Inch

"Christoph Schäfer" christoph-schaefer at gmx.de
Fri Apr 28 04:32:53 UTC 2017

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> Betreff: [scribus] Equivilent to Pages Per Inch
> When figuring book spine dimensions in the USA  we use the attribute of the 
> interior paper used called PPI or pages per inch.
>  The page count is divided by the PPI, a small factor for the cover 
> thickness is added and the result is the spine width in inches.
>  Printers here will either quote the PPI or at least provide a method to 
> calculate it.
>  In the metric world things are different of course.  What is the attribute 
> of paper stock equivalent to PPI? How is it used to calculate
>  the spine dimensions?
>  All replies appreciated.
>  John Culleton

Hi John,

I wonder why you even need this. Publishing companies calculate the size of the spine on their own, and POD companies either provide an online spine calculator or a formula, which you can apply in Scribus using the arithmetic capacities of its spin boxes.


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