[scribus] Problem with Styles

Ken Springer snowshed1 at q.com
Thu Apr 6 01:29:27 UTC 2017

Hi, Greg,

I've snipped everything previous to your reply.

On 4/5/17 5:58 PM, Gregory Pittman wrote:
> What Craig is saying is that, within some paragraph where you have
> applied some Paragraph Style, you may have had some text that you have
> changed parameters on, such as font, or font size. This amounts to an
> unnamed Character Style within that paragraph, so changing the Paragraph
> Style for the paragraph still leaves that short unnamed Character Style
> intact (and this is the way you would want it to be).

I got the general meaning of what he was saying.

> In 1.5.x, using the 1.5.0 icon set, there is a brush icon to wipe away
> these embedded changes. With the 1.5.1 icon set, there is a trash can
> instead - right next to the drop down list for choosing a style.

Got it.  I've got the 1.5.1 icon set.

I think you guys solved the problem I was having.

I'm redoing a few 1-2 page computer info docs that I originally created 
in Libre Office.

I had to get on with things so I manually formatted the doc that was 
causing me the problems.

I've now imported another LO file into a new doc.  The first thing I did 
was select all the text in the frame and applied the trash can icon. 
Bingo!!!  Some minor changes to the doc, which told me I had stripped 
some existing formatting.

AIUI, I should be able to import LO formatting with no problems, 
correct?  The existing docs do not have consistent formatting across all 
the original docs.

Now, as I write this, everything seems to be working as I expected. 
I'll be working with other features of the Styles Manager to learn how 
the other features work.

I've got a simple (I hope) styles question for a new thread.

Thanks for the help.

Mac OS X 10.11.6
Firefox 51.0.1  (64 bit)
Thunderbird 45.7.1
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