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John Culleton John at wexfordpress.com
Mon Sep 5 17:51:01 UTC 2016

On Mon, 22 Aug 2016 14:10:35 +0200
Ian Whitfield <whitfield at telkomsa.net> wrote:

> *Hi all*
> Since the last one or two upgrades to Scribus
> I'm unable to get the Spellcheck to work!!
> I'm running PClinuxOS-64bit with KDE and
> Scribus 1.4.6. I have googled about this and
> have noted that Hunspell is now the default
> Spellchecker and that you only must have _ONE_
> Dictionary installed and so removed the one
> other I had so that I only have the 'en_ZA.dic'
> available now in /.scribus/dicts.
> However whenever I select a frame to check I
> get the Spellcheck box opening up with no
> content and the message "Not in Dictionary".
> Any suggestions on how to "fix" this problem
> please!!??
> Thanks a lot.
> IanW
> Pretoria RSA
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As my father used to say there are horses for
courses. I prepare long text passages (like for a
book or article) with Gvim. It has a built in
spell checker but it is not perfect.
So I save the file as text and run it through
ispell. This has many neat features, like
suggesting possible alternatives. One of these
can be selected with a single keystroke.
I can also enter a new word into its spelling
dictionary, or just enter a spelling for this
document only. This makes spell checking
extremely fast. And I only have to learn one 
set of spelling conventions. 

When I author a document I don't have to stop for
spelling corrections. That is a separate step
done at the end.

Scribus is not a word processor but rather a
desktop publishing program. I have never use its 
spell checker and don't intend to.



John Culleton
Wexford Press

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