[scribus] about DejaVu font

ZASKE Martin zm at revue-gugu.org
Thu Oct 20 13:59:31 UTC 2016

Thank you Peter and Jean for your input.

I will try the console option even tonight. And will mark the mail about
re-setting font-thingy for when a fix comes out.

I hope I did not indirectly suggest that Scribus is "not good"; in the
contrary: Scribus is awesome. Our entire project is doing all our
production on Scribus, for paper, websites and whatsapp purposes. (Of
course we use tools like GIMP, Inkscape and Audacity too, we are not
trying to all the steps in Scribus ;)

I had just observed a surprising "loss" between 1.4 and 1.5 where
normally we get more options and more fun from new versions. What I
learnt today is sufficient to keep us going for now.

It was helpful how a.l.e explained about "an issue with the font library
used by scribus and that the issue has already been solved in newer
versions of the library itself". That is telling this user that it is
not all random out there but the good guys are on to it.

I cannot remember exactly, but I believe I started using 1.5.x either
late in 2015 or early 2016. I have never observed crashes or erratic
behaviour which would shout "unstable version". I believe my use of 1.5
is encouraging the developers and I hope my feedback is normally
helpful, even if wordy.

Again I do not remember all details, but some features lured me over to
1.5, one of which is the option to split a document, even when you got
chained text-boxes with the chain running over several pages. We had
special needs to do with serial printing of letters with names from
databases but avoiding slow duplexing on our laser. So cut the document,
serial-print first page and then print the remaining pages in bulk at 30
ppm without the duplexer.

Another feature which we really love in 1.5 is the option to move the
"guides" up and down and tweak their vertical positions. No more hidden
guidelines underneath photos etc. I learnt about that from this list.

In general it only speaks for the decency of the Scribus developers that
1.5.2 is still marked as in development. We are using some other tools
which are marked as stable and which go through versions far too often -
and they never really feel as stable as Scribus.

And in case certain people will start wondering whether I am being paid
to praise Scribus: not at all. I work for an NGO and I have started
asking myself how I could find a little budget to encourage a few tools
like Scribus or OmegaT once per year (we pay for other tools after all).

So to tell the entire truth, on my Windows 10 64bit, I often see a
harmless crash, when I open 1.4.6 (never 1.5) which is in
parallel-install with 1.5.2. I have a hunch that it is to do with the
co-existence. All I have to do, is start it right again and then it runs
just fine. I never mentioned that anywhere because the work-around is so
obvious: double-click, confirm message, count to three, double-click
again, fine.

So, this is my last one for this week, promise. Or they will name a spam
filter after me...

Scribus is great. Either version. Publisher sucks. Corel Draw was fine
up to X4 then they started insulting the customers...



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