[scribus] Scribus files "Corrupted"

Chas Good ceemann at gmx.us
Sun Oct 16 16:17:53 UTC 2016

My apologies - it seems my email provider chose to default to sending out email as html - hence the previous attachment. I did not intend to be spamming people with unnecessary attachments. I believe I have that sorted out.

I wanted to say that it seems Scribus can be prone to crashes. Lovely program, but crashy. Perhaps my decision to use 1.5.1 is the cause? Regardless, I would highly recommend saving important work frequently - under incremented names - like OctoberIssue001, OctoberIssue002... So that you only lose so many minutes of work if the autosave gets caught midstride. Most especially if the OP is in an area with intermittent power supplies.

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