[scribus] Scribus files "Corrupted"

Ian Whitfield whitfield at telkomsa.net
Fri Oct 14 17:59:42 UTC 2016

*Hi All*

Very strange happening to me this week!!

I have been using Scribus for several years now - and LOVE it and not 
had any serious problems at all!!
Two days ago I was working on my monthly Newsletter and there was a 
Power Cut, (I live in Africa!!). A couple of hours later the Power came 
back on and I started the Computer to carry on working. Scribus reported 
that the file was corrupt so I went to the Folder to bring-up the 
Autosave file,( have done this before and it works fine), but this time 
I noticed that BOTH the original file AND the Autosave file were Zero 
Bytes!!! Still listed but no content!! They had both been approx 30Mb.
I checked the files with a Text editor and they are completely blank!!

Now I can understand, and except, that the primary file could get 
"corrupt" or damaged with the Power cut but what worries me is the fact 
that both the Primary AND the Autosave file were taken out!! To me this 
is most unacceptable and should NEVER happen!!! Otherwise what is the 
use of the Autosave function??

Anyone else seen or experienced this?? Or maybe have an idea what happened.

I run Scribus ver 1.4.6 on PClinuxOS 64-bit.

Thanks guys!!

Pretoria RSA

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