[scribus] Bad text came back from the printer, but why?

biw wien biw1160 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 13 06:28:31 UTC 2016


I created a postcard in scribus and got it back from the printer with badly
printed text (scan_printed_card). It looks like a different font was used
or a different codepage. As I use scribus only once or twice a year and are
not a DTP trained person, I expect the error to be mine.

In the attached "screenshot.png" I show some details from scribus:
- When moving through edit text the font selected, fonts size etc do not
- The fonts are embedded

When I open the pdf on my ubuntu PC I see the proper text.

My questions are:
- Where did I go wrong?
- How could I have spotted that?
- Is there a website where you upload a pdf, and it presents you with an
image, how the pdf looks "really", when not on your computer?

Thanks for all your efforts,

Ciao, Felix
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