[scribus] Empty text frame error when exporting a PDF form

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Thu Oct 6 12:28:58 UTC 2016


On 06/10/16 14:17, David Goss wrote:
> When I export a layout that has PDF form fields on it, I get error messages from the preflight verifier about empty text frames. It then lists all of the PDF fields.
> This basically renders the preflight useless, because a real empty text frame error could be hidden in the list of false positives. Is there anything I can do to my text frames or an error checking setting to avoid these errors?
> Note: This happens with Scribus 1.5.2--if I recall correctly, this didn't happen when exporting the same PDF using Scribus 1.4.x

while your concern is correct and deserves a bug report (please fill one 
: - ), i would say that if you're creating PDF forms you can almost 
safely ignore all the warnings from the preflight verifier.

they are thought for the professional printing workflow (where you do 
not want to notice a "frame error" when you get thousands of copies back 
from the printer.


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